Why Century 21 American Homes? Let's Hear from our Agents...

Shakeel Ahmad
  1. One of the best companies out there.
  2. Great education provided.
  3. Chance to grow with great people.

Clara Okechukwu
  1. Integrity
  2. Tools to grow your business (*Weekly educational classes, *C21 University)
  3. Family Oriented.

Brian Starzman
  1. Constant Training & classes
  2. Excellent technology like Dotloop and Adwerx
  3. Great Overall Company & Brand Name

Faye Ezzouhairy
  1. I like Century 21 because it felt more personable, warm and nurturing environment where the other places I felt were very corporate and I would just be one of many people that would lost in the sea of employees and realtors

Hilary Greene
  1. Community
  2. Support
  3. Technology

Connie Milano

William Sepe
  1. The training is second to none. You will get as much assistance as you could possibly hope for.
  2. The marketing is excellent. Everyone knows the Century 21 name and they provide many more marketing tools than any other organization.
  3. The managers are excellent. They are so good you want to do a good job for them as much as for yourself.

Keria Blue
  1. Training
  2. Supportive environment
  3. Established/ respected brand

Fabrice Andre
  1. Because with Century 21 American Homes you will find plenty of opportunities and we get the job done the right way!

Jeffrey Clinton
  1. Reach across LI
  2. Brand name
  3. Training & management access
  4. Systems / structure
  5. My comments all point to organizational strength. I tend to wander into what's right for me but the counter appeal was with smaller shops promising one on one mentorship. Then ultimately I just wanted to work with nice people and Lori, you have the right balance of friendliness/business focus.

Helaine Rothberg
  1. The most supportive agency to work for. Top rate classes at no cost. Best manager to work with goes above and beyond to support agents. Yes I drank the kool- Aid

Michael Galicia
  1. Training! Whether you're a new agent or a seasoned veteran, there's always something new to learn at one of our very topical classes.
  2. Technology! Always investing for agent success. From e-signatures, paperless listings, your own website and documents on our intranet, the tools are there for you.
  3. Leadership! From our assistant management to our fearless brokers, it's fantastic to know that they will always have your back and will help you with what you need.

Shelley Sosnoff
  1. Even though we are all independent we help each other to become better and to do the right thing. I feel like we are all part of one big family and that starts from the top

Jovanny Rodriguez
  1. Family culture
  2. Great supporting staffs
  3. Unbelievable Training for agents
  4. Loving owner that put first family and love their agent

Donna Gallub
  1. Not only are we supportive, loyal and aggressive in selling homes and working with sellers and buyers but we are family so there is no place like home at C21 American Homes.

Daymonn Richards
  1. Tom and Mike are AWESOME!!! They really care about their agents and they do everything in their
  2. power to help their agents to be successful. For example, they provide free training classes for new and seasoned agents.
  3. We have great Managers and Assistant Managers. They provided excellent support to all of their agents.
  4. Heart of American Homes Foundation has supported our communities.
  5. Mike and Tom were supportive to their agents during the pandemic/COVID-19 and continue to be.
  6. I can not thank them enough. Especially, when Mike recorded his updates. It is very much appreciated!
  7. The Annual Holiday Party is always fun to attend!
  8. The secretaries help agents so much behind the scenes.
  9. We are constantly held to a higher standard! We are encouraged to BE RELENTLESS!
  10. We are respected.
  11. When you join Century 21 American Homes you will ask yourself, " Why didn't I join sooner?"
  12. Tom and Mike are always thinking of ways to take the company into the future. They are trendsetters.

Joe Record
  1. Lori Q.
  2. The manager.
  3. Full time manager, Ms Quagliozzi.

Agatha Calcaterra
  1. Century 21 American Homes is known for its Integrity & Excellence & Honesty, I feel with all three combined together, it makes Century21 a company of extraordinary experiences.

Amy Puccini
  1. One reason would be to work for a company that conducts business with integrity and gives all agents whatever support they need.

Roseann Bisconti
  1. I have told people that our office is like a family, that you are the absolute best manager and you are so helpful. I’ve also told them about all the training we get and how helpful all the girls are and about how great Debbie is. I also emphasize on how important it is that we have Debbie and what a big part she plays in our business. I also mention that we are one of the busiest offices and how fast you learn in a busy office.

Carol Pope
  1. I'm with American homes because I'm proud to say that it's a company that's there for you, to help you to show you what to do and to explain things to you when you don't understand them and to be there for you no matter what

Arlene Gregory
  1. Support, Each office has a Manager
  2. Education... Education
  3. Quality Real Estate where the doors are always open
  4. A Large Supporting Family

Debra Kirsh
  1. American Homes is well regarded for our professionalism both at the management and realtor levels.
  2. American Homes provides great management support, resources and constant training.
  3. American Homes is a community minded organization that gives back to its communities.

Michael Spoagis
  1. Just speaking for myself, since I've been allowed to be here almost 14 years now, the first thing that brought me here was the support as a new agent from not just the office manager(s) but the other experienced agents that were willing to work with a new agent and bring them along was incredible and unlike most other real estate agencies at that time and even now I believe.
  2. The next thing that was a deciding factor for me was the level of training and ongoing educational support we are offered and receive from our offices.
  3. The final deciding factor for me, having come from my previous career in advertising and marketing, was the high level of marketing and advertising Century 21 American Homes offers its agents to market their Clients' properties in such a way that ultimately results in more eyes on Listings and stronger offers for our Sellers.

Nancy Kalberer
  1. In addition to the structured training offered by the company, there is an unlimited amount of on the job training. There is always a manager or a fellow agent ready to assist you with a question, or ready to offer their advice with a problem or a situation you may be experiencing. . This on the job training is priceless and will increase your success as an agent. The offices are full of approachable friendly coworkers ready to help.
  2. The office staff and the office set up is top rate. You know the office will be open and staffed Monday through Sunday from 9-5. Most other real estate offices do not offer this. The offices are always complete with working copy machines, fax machines, scanners, phones, paper, ink cartridges, forms, and a clean location to conference with your client. This is not always a given in other offices.
  3. The company never stops researching the newest marketing tools available to the Real Estate Market. The owners of Century 21 American Homes, are always ready to invest money in the newest, hi tech ways to attacked buyers. They are also not afraid to admit that they made a wrong choice. If they try a new form of marketing and it does not bring the results that they had hoped for they will drop it and invest in something with more favorable results.

Marianne Widmann
  1. Friendly atmosphere
  2. An abundance of help from manager whenever it’s needed
  3. Training better than any other company

Diane Krug
  1. Name recognition, Ownership/management & location

Gina Minutoli
  1. We are a team.
  2. We are the most well trained professional agents out there.
  3. We are constantly striving to improve our business.
  4. Ps and East meadow has the best manager out there!

Joe Brown
  1. Brand Recognition, Excellent training & Fun working environment

Sandi Gerson
  1. Strong world-wide brand recognition
  2. Aggressive innovative brokers who truly care about agents
  3. Phenomenal marketing and topnotch technological support
  4. Supportive, dedicated office manager
  5. Friendly "non throat-cutting" agent colleagues
  6. Exceptional on-site training includes CE classes
  7. Encourages participation in community affairs
  8. Our strength in numbers
  9. And the list goes on...
  10. My why? Simply the best real estate company to be a part of

Raymond Raia
  1. Management is fantastic and fair
  2. The other agents have always been friendly and help
  3. American Homes is a front runner on new ideas and tech

Maria Muller
  1. Training
  2. Support
  3. Teamwork

Deborah Munro
  1. Century 21 Managers are hands on providing a family Atmosphere while delivering a high level of experience to the Real Estate Agent on every level, which makes you feel secure!
  2. Century 21 American Homes represents the American Dream , we are a top trending Big Brand that is A world recognized company with many locations globally!
  3. Century 21 is passionate about educating their agents to be Smart, Sassy, and Seriously Successful Super Agents!
  4. So far I feel that Century 21 is a great place to call Home!

Donald Scanlon
  1. Group Training by successful agents and trainers such as Debbie Asher
  2. One on One Manager Training and support
  3. Feeling of being a part of a team, with other agents eager to help
  4. Outstanding and knowledgeable support staff

William Sanfilippo
  1. We have the Best managers in the industry! Always there to answer any questions, Especially the Wantagh office. Our manager Tom Murtagh works about 26 hours a day helping his Agents and we appreciate him.
  2. Top notch Educational Training Some classes with CE Credits.
  3. We have our own company Intranet.
  4. When you join Century 21 American Homes you become part of a Family! Tom Galligar and Mike Litzner are two of the Best people to work for. They really care about you, and help to grow our business.

Rosemarie Cazzorla
  1. Culture
  2. Exposure (Tech)
  3. Franchise Branding (Credibility)
  4. The Extensive Training.....

Doris Pignatelli
  1. Great Co. to work with(Family)
  2. Supporting our foundations we Always To pay it forward
  3. Educational always up-to-date

Stella Shenker
  1. Training
  2. Number of office, service areas
  3. Agent are paid in timely fashion

Marina McGowan
  1. Company reputation + network of 14 offices
  2. Educational programs and in-house training
  3. office manager on speed dial for questions and support
  4. lender connections and referral program

Salvatore Sciarrino
  1. Helpful with any questions
  2. Free educational classes offered
  3. Friendly working atmosphere with your peers

Pinuccia Reiser
  1. The help you give
  2. The family style setting and the advancing in the future of Real Estate

Angel Weiss
  1. Broker/manager supports me 110%

Eric Barbosa
  1. Non competing manager

Julie Rinke
  1. Amazing training

George Zafiropoulos
  1. #1 Century 21 Company in NY State

Linda Ulanoff
  1. The support I receive from my manager and co-workers as well as the company itself. During the lockdown they made sure to keep us engaged by offering numerous training classes to help us do business during the pandemic and beyond.
  2. They care about their agents, employees and the communities we work in.
  3. It truly feels like a family.

Tashi Lama
    We have the BEST OF EVERYTHING
  1. BRAND - CENTURY21 (It’s Global)
  2. Brokers/Managers and Agents (Leadership with Integrity. Helping each other get to the next level)
  3. Support System (Always there for you to resolve issues, obstacles, hurdles that come your way)
  4. Training & Coaching ( Best of the best brokers/agents in the industry from our 12 offices share their valuable knowledge every Wednesday, plus exclusive office trainings, unlimited online corporate trainings

Bernice Immordino
  1. With all the negative messaging across the US, I must take time to express my fortunate association with amazing C21 American Homes which puts a smile on my face. Every day I receive contact from them to inform us as their agents what is happening to the housing and business world. Encouraging technology and education is their priority and with Pride and their Blessing, I'm proud to say we treat all people equally and fairly My Wish is to be associated with them for many years to come

Ricki Noto
  1. Owners
  2. Management/Coworkers
  3. Education/Technology/Training

The owners of Century 21 American Homes are 2 of the nicest, most generous gentlemen you will ever meet. Aside from all that they do to motivate us as agents, they are always giving back to the community. This says a lot in my book. Their generosity is unparalleled.

Management Teams - From our managers to our assistant managers, the knowledge they share is extremely helpful in our day to day business.

They always make themselves available & are happy to help in any given circumstance.

Co-Workers - Although I have only worked for Century 21 American Homes, everyone that joins our company says the same exact thing!

They are in awe of the relationships we have with one another, always there to cheer each other on and to help one another any way we can. From the experienced agents to the new comers, we are all family.

Education/Technology/Training - Century 21 American Homes is on top of their game. They offer an abundance of training classes utilizing the newest technology which in turn increases our capability of becoming leaders in the industry.

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